A bit of grit on Haystacks

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Wed 17 Jan 2007

Route: Gatesgarth - Peggy's Bridge - Scarth Gap - Haystacks - Innominate Tarn - Blackbeck Tarn - Warnscale Head bothy - Warnscale Bottom - Gatesgarth

Distance: 5.25 miles

Ascent: 1,650ft

Time: 3 hours 5 minutes

With: A Walker


Windy, overcast, a short hail storm with thunder and lightning on the way down.

A walk to mark the centenary of the birth of Alfred Wainwright (AW) on 17 January 1907.

'...a last long resting place by the side of Innominate Tarn, on Haystacks, where the water gently laps the gravelly shore and the heather blooms and Pillar and Gable keep unfailing watch. A quiet place, a lonely place. I shall go to it, for the last time, and be carried: someone who knew me in life will take me and empty me out of a little box and leave me there alone.

And if you, dear reader, should get a bit of grit in your boot as you are crossing Haystacks in the years to come, please treat it with respect. It might be me.'

A Wainwright (17 Jan 1907 - 20 Jan 1991), Fellwanderer


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