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Number of Tarns: 102

Name Name Sort Area Grid Ref Ascents
Alcock Tarn Alcock Tarn Eastern Fells NY349079 5
Angle Tarn (Bowfell) Angle Tarn (Bowfell) Mid Western Fells NY245076 13
Angle Tarn (Patterdale) Angle Tarn (Patterdale) Far Eastern Fells NY418143 20
Arnsbarrow Tarn Arnsbarrow Tarn Lower Southern Fells SD310917 1
Beacon Tarn Beacon Tarn Lower Southern Fells SD274900 1
Beckhead Tarn Beckhead Tarn Western Fells NY205106 5
Blackbeck Tarn Blackbeck Tarn Western Fells NY202128 17
Blea Tarn (Eskdale) Blea Tarn (Eskdale) Mid Western Fells NY166010 2
Blea Tarn (Langdale) Blea Tarn (Langdale) Mid Western Fells NY293044 7
Blea Tarn (Watendlath) Blea Tarn (Watendlath) Central Fells NY291140 1
Blea Water Blea Water Far Eastern Fells NY449108 2
Bleaberry Tarn Bleaberry Tarn Western Fells NY165154 3
Blind Tarn (Coniston) Blind Tarn (Coniston) Southern Fells SD262967 2
Blind Tarn (Eskdale) Blind Tarn (Eskdale) Mid Western Fells NY162010 2
Boo Tarn Boo Tarn Southern Fells SD282968 6
Bowscale Tarn Bowscale Tarn Northern Fells NY336313 5
Branstree Tarn Branstree Tarn Far Eastern Fells NY484103 8
Broadcrag Tarn Broadcrag Tarn Mid Western Fells NY213069 1
Brownrigg Moss Tarn Brownrigg Moss Tarn Central Fells NY297104 1
Burnmoor Tarn Burnmoor Tarn Mid Western Fells NY185045 4
Carlside Tarn Carlside Tarn Northern Fells NY255283 11
Caspel Gate Tarn Caspel Gate Tarn Far Eastern Fells NY451113 20
Caudale Moor Tarn Caudale Moor Tarn Far Eastern Fells NY414100 3
Codale Tarn Codale Tarn Central Fells NY296088 4
Cogra Moss Cogra Moss Western Fells NY095195 2
Dalehead Tarn Dalehead Tarn North Western Fells NY230152 10
Devoke Water Devoke Water Southern Fells SD159970 3
Dock Tarn Dock Tarn Central Fells NY274144 13
Dubbs Reservoir Dubbs Reservoir Far Eastern Fells NY421017 1
Easedale Tarn Easedale Tarn Central Fells NY308088 14
Eel Tarn Eel Tarn Mid Western Fells NY189019 1
Floutern Tarn Floutern Tarn Western Fells NY124170 1
Foxes Tarn Foxes Tarn Mid Western Fells NY209064 5
Ghyll Pool Ghyll Pool Far Eastern Fells SD496984 1
Gillercomb Head Tarns Gillercomb Head Tarns Western Fells NY215115 12
Goat's Water Goat's Water Southern Fells SD266977 6
Greenburn Reservoir Greenburn Reservoir Southern Fells NY284021 1
Greendale Tarn Greendale Tarn Western Fells NY147075 3
Grey Knotts Tarns Grey Knotts Tarns Western Fells NY218124 9
Grisedale Tarn Grisedale Tarn Eastern Fells NY350120 16
Gurnal Dubs Gurnal Dubs Far Eastern Fells SD503991 1
Hard Tarn Hard Tarn Eastern Fells NY346138 2
Harrop Tarn Harrop Tarn Central Fells NY311136 5
Haskew Tarn Haskew Tarn Far Eastern Fells NY521114 1
Hayeswater Hayeswater Far Eastern Fells NY430122 9
High Dam High Dam Lower Southern Fells SD361887 1
High House Tarn High House Tarn Mid Western Fells NY241093 7
High Moss Tarn High Moss Tarn Lower Southern Fells SD375980 2
High Nook Tarn High Nook Tarn Western Fells NY124199 1
High Scawdel Tarn High Scawdel Tarn North Western Fells NY231147 2
Holehouse Tarn Holehouse Tarn Southern Fells SD155940 2
Holme Ground Tarns Holme Ground Tarns Southern Fells NY316011 6
Innominate Tarn Innominate Tarn Western Fells NY198129 17
Kentmere Reservoir Kentmere Reservoir Far Eastern Fells NY445080 4
Kentmere Tarn Kentmere Tarn Far Eastern Fells NY455029 1
Kirkfell Tarn Kirkfell Tarn Western Fells NY197106 4
Lambfoot Dub Lambfoot Dub Mid Western Fells NY220084 1
Lanty Tarn Lanty Tarn Far Eastern Fells NY436190 3
Lanty's Tarn Lanty's Tarn Eastern Fells NY383162 8
Launchy Tarn (Borrowdale) Launchy Tarn (Borrowdale) North Western Fells NY233149 4
Levers Water Levers Water Southern Fells SD279993 7
Lily Pond Lily Pond Lower Southern Fells SD367983 2
Lily Tarn Lily Tarn Central Fells NY364040 7
Lingmoor Tarn Lingmoor Tarn Mid Western Fells NY301051 1
Loughrigg Tarn Loughrigg Tarn Central Fells NY344043 4
Low Birker Tarn Low Birker Tarn Southern Fells SD190995 3
Low Dam Low Dam Lower Southern Fells SD363885 1
Low Tarn Low Tarn Western Fells NY161093 1
Low Water Low Water Southern Fells SD275983 10
Moss Eccles Tarn Moss Eccles Tarn Lower Southern Fells SD372968 2
Muncaster Tarn Muncaster Tarn Mid Western Fells SD106978 2
Over Water Over Water Northern Fells NY252350 1
Potter Tarn Potter Tarn Far Eastern Fells SD494988 1
Rainsborrow Tarn Rainsborrow Tarn Far Eastern Fells NY442067 1
Red Screes Tarn Red Screes Tarn Eastern Fells NY396088 6
Red Tarn (Helvellyn) Red Tarn (Helvellyn) Eastern Fells NY348152 12
Red Tarn (Langdale) Red Tarn (Langdale) Mid Western Fells NY268038 12
Redcrag Tarn Redcrag Tarn Far Eastern Fells NY450150 3
Scale Head Tarn Scale Head Tarn Lower Southern Fells SD373975 1
Scales Tarn Scales Tarn Northern Fells NY328281 2
Scandale Tarn Scandale Tarn Eastern Fells NY386098 4
School Knott Tarn School Knott Tarn Lower Southern Fells SD428972 1
Scoat Tarn Scoat Tarn Western Fells NY159103 1
Seathwaite Tarn Seathwaite Tarn Southern Fells SD253987 3
Siney Tarn Siney Tarn Mid Western Fells NY162011 2
Skeggles Water Skeggles Water Far Eastern Fells NY479033 1
Small Water Small Water Far Eastern Fells NY453100 18
Sprinkling Tarn Sprinkling Tarn Mid Western Fells NY228091 11
Stake Pass Tarn Stake Pass Tarn Central Fells NY264087 1
Steel Fell Tarn Steel Fell Tarn Central Fells NY307111 8
Stickle Tarn (Dunnerdale) Stickle Tarn (Dunnerdale) Southern Fells SD213928 1
Stickle Tarn (Langdale) Stickle Tarn (Langdale) Central Fells NY287076 13
Styhead Tarn Styhead Tarn Mid Western Fells NY222098 18
Tarn at Leaves Tarn at Leaves Mid Western Fells NY258123 5
Tarn Hows Tarn Hows Southern Fells SD328999 18
Tewet Tarn Tewet Tarn Central Fells NY305236 10
Three Dubs Tarn Three Dubs Tarn Lower Southern Fells SD377974 1
Three Tarns (Bowfell) Three Tarns (Bowfell) Mid Western Fells NY248060 17
Watendlath Tarn Watendlath Tarn Central Fells NY275161 18
Wise Een Tarn Wise Een Tarn Lower Southern Fells SD370975 2
Wythburn Head Tarns Wythburn Head Tarns Central Fells NY304114 2
Yew Tree Tarn Yew Tree Tarn Southern Fells NY321004 3

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