Easedale Tarn

Mon 30 Jan 2023

Route: Grasmere Village - Easedale Road - Sourmilk Gill - Easedale Tarn - Stythwaite Steps - Easedale Road - Grasmere Village

Distance: 4.75 miles

Ascent: 750ft

Time: 2 hours 15 minutes

With: Gordon Parker and Anne



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Sourmilk Gill

Sourmilk Gill

Sourmilk Gill

Easedale from above the falls in Sourmilk Gill

Helm Crag with Fairfield the high point on the skyline

Easedale Tarn and Tarn Crag

The stepping stones by the outflow

The footbridge at Stythwaite Steps, Far Easedale

Kitty Crag

Sam Read, Bookseller, Grasmere

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