Pen and Great Moss

Fri 16 Oct 2009

Route: Brotherilkeld, Eskdale - Taw House - Scale Bridge - Sampson's Stones - Pen - Little Narrowcove - Great Moss - River Esk - Lingcove Bridge - River Esk - Brotherilkeld

Distance: 9.50 miles

Ascent: 2,400ft

Time: 6 hours 35 minutes

With: On own


Blue sky and sunshine

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Footbridge across the River Esk, used to get to Taw House

Scale Gill

Scafell comes into view

Looking towards Bowfell

Scafell Pike, the Sampson's Stones and the Great Moss

Dow Crag

Bowfell from Pen's summit

Scafell Pike from Pen's summit

Ill Crag from Pen's summit

My route down into Little Narrowcove

Little Narrowcove

Scafell Pike and Pen at the top of Dow Crag from Great Moss

Great Moss, the low point on the skyline is Esk Hause

Looking back to Scafell from near Scar Lathing

Looking back up my descent path, high above the River Esk at this point

Lingcove Bridge

The River Esk with Bowfell in the distance

Bowfell from Brotherilkeld

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