Devoke Water to Black Combe

Sun 17 Aug 2008

Route: Birker Fell road - Devoke Water - Rowantree How - Woodend Height - Yoadcastle - Stainton Pike - Holehouse Tarn - Whitfell - Burn Moor - Buck Barrow - Corney Fell road - Stoneside Hill - Stoupdale Head - Black Combe - Whicham

Distance: 12.25 miles

Ascent: 2,700ft

Time: 5 hours 45 minutes

With: David Hall


Some heavy showers, in cloud on Black Combe, did someone say it was August?

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The track to Devoke Water from the Birker Fell road

Devoke Water comes into view

The boathouse, Devoke Water

Looking across Devoke Water to Woodend Height

Looking back down on Rowantree How and Devoke Water

Looking across to Green Crag from Woodend Height

Woodend Height's summit cairn

Yoadcastle with Whitfell behind and Stainton Pike on the right from Woodend Height

Hesk Fell from Yoadcastle's summit

Stainton Pike with Whitfell in cloud behind

Heading for Stainton Pike's summit

Stainton Pike's summit cairn

Holehouse Tarn with Stainton Pike behind

Heading for Whitfell and its chucking it down

Whitfell's summit and we are in cloud

Stainton Pike and Yoadcastle from Whitfell

The Esk estuary from Whitfell

Buck Barrow from Whitfell

Looking back to Whitfell from Burn Moor

Heading for Buck Barrow from Burn Moor

Burn Moor and Whitfell from Buck Barrow

Kinmont Buck Barrow from Buck Barrow's summit

Black Combe with Stoneside Hill in front and Stoupdale Head on the left from Buck Barrow

Kinmont Buck Barrow, Great Paddy Crag and Buck Barrow from the path to the Corney Fell road

Stoneside Hill from the Corney Fell road summit

South, our route, from Stoneside Hill

Charity Chair

Looking back to Stoneside Hill having crossed what Wainwright calls a swamp

Stoneside Hill, Buck Barrow and Whitfell from our ascent of Stoupdale Head

Stoupdale Head's summit cairn

Looking back to Stoupdale Head as we head up Black Combe and into the cloud

Black Combe's summit

Dropping down out of the cloud, the view south towards Walney Island

St Mary's Church, Whicham

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