Dunnerdale Fells

Sun 27 Jul 2008

Route: Stonestar - Dunnerdale Fells - Stonestar

Distance: 2.50 miles

Ascent: 800ft

Time: 1 hour 25 minutes

With: On Own


Warm and sunny.

I followed A. Wainwright's 'Dunnerdale Fells' walk in his book 'The Outlying Fells of Lakeland' [page 132]. It was a case of second time more care rather than second time lucky. When I last tried to do this walk ([[Jnl:635|November 2005]]) I ended up visitng the wrong top! The section out and back to the summit is pathless and has lots of high bracken to fight through at this time of year.

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The Pike from near Stonestar

The Pike from the rocky ravine above Stonestar

The Dunnerdale Fells to the north with Great Stickle on the right

Buck Barrow and Whitfell

Dunnerdale Fells summit straight ahead, note the holly tree on the left, its mentioned by AW in his guide

The prominent holly, per AW

The Dunnerdale Fells, the summit I want is on the left

The Dunnerdale Fells

One of the many ancient cairns to be found around here, Buck Barrow and Whitfell in the distance

Through the bracken to the summit

Dunnerdale Fells, AW's summit

Great Stickle from Dunnerdale Fells

Tarn Hill from Dunnerdale Fells summit

Green Crag, the Scafells and Harter Fell from Dunnerdale Fells summit

Whitfell (left) and The Pike with Hesk Fell behind (right)

Looking down on the rocky ravine and the road where I started today's walk from

Heading back to the path

Looking over Wainwright's bouldery tarn (dry) to Penn (near ridge) and Buck Barrow

On the Public Bridleway with The Pike ahead

Dunnerdale Fells from my descent to the road

Lots of people enjoying a splash in the River Duddon with The Pike beyond

The rocky ravine that my walk started up as I head back to my car

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