Branstree and Selside Pike

Sun 20 Jul 2014

Route: Mardale Head - Gatescarth Pass - Branstree - Branstree Tarn - High Howes - Selside Pike - Old Corpse Road - Haweswater lakeside path - Mardale Head

Distance: 5.50 miles

Ascent: 1,800ft

Time: 3 hours 25 minutes

With: Anne


Overcast, caught in a rain shower as we headed along the lakeside path. Warm, humid

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Mardale Head, the tide is out

Looking back down the Gatescarth Pass track

L for Lowther, boundary stone on the way up Branstree

Branstree's summit

The higher of the two cairns on Artle Crag

...and the lower, looking across to High Howes with Selside Pike on the far left

The survey post on Branstree

The larger of the two nameless tarns between Branstree and High Howes

Captain Whelter Bog

The view east as we leave Selside Pike's summit

Looking down into Swindale

Mardale Head (Harter Fell, Mardale Ill Bell and The Rigg, Rough Crag onto High Street)

Looking across to Riggindale with The Rigg, Rough Crag and High Street to its left and Kidsty Pike to the right

[[Itm:636|Wood Howe]]

The rain arrives

Looking back to Wood Howe

Mardale Head

The lake level is dropping, exposing the old walls and tracks

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