Hard Tarn, Red Tarn and Lanty's Tarn

Sat 6 Oct 2007

Route: Patterdale - Grisedale - Ruthwaite Lodge - Ruthwaite Cove - Hard Tarn - east ridge - Nethermost Pike - Swallow Scarth - Helvellyn - Swirral Edge - Catstycam - Red Tarn - Birkhouse Moor - Lanty's Tarn - Grisedale - Patterdale

Distance: 10.50 miles

Ascent: 3,300ft

Time: 6 hours 30 minutes

With: David Hall and Anne


Blue sky and sunshine

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St Patrick's Church, Patterdale

The east ridge of Nethermost Pike right of centre with Dollywaggon Pike on the left from Grisedale

Spout Crag with Falcon Crag on the left from below Ruthwaite Lodge

Ruthwaite Lodge. Nethermost Pike is just to the right of chimney (skyline)

Waterfall above Ruthwaite Lodge on the way up into Ruthwaite Cove

Ruthwaite Cove and High Crag ahead

Looking down into Grisedale and towards Place Fell

Looking back down into Ruthwaite Cove as we head up towards Hard Tarn

Hard Tarn comes into view

Hard Tarn

Hard Tarn

Traversing across to Nethermost Pike's east ridge from Hard Tarn

Grisedale from Nethermost Pike's east ridge

Looking across Nethermost Cove to the end of Striding Edge and the climb to Helvellyn's summit

A few people on Striding Edge today. I wonder, has it been on the TV recently?

The steep part of Nethermost Pike's east ridge

Ascending Nethermost Pike's east ridge

The angle eases but the ridge becomes narrower (Nethermost Pike east ridge)

Nethermost Pike's east ridge

Looking across to Helvellyn from Nethermost Pike's east ridge, the pointed Catstycam on the right

Looking back to the top part of Nethermost Pike's east ridge with Saint Sunday Crag behind on the far side of Grisedale

Helvellyn summit, a popular place today

Looking down Swirral Edge

Ullswater from Catstycam's summit

Helvellyn, Lower Man, White Side and Raise from Catstycam's summit

Swirral Edge from Red Tarn

Red Tarn Beck as it leaves Red Tarn with Birkhouse Moor in the distance

Striding Edge, Helvellyn and Catstycam from Birkhouse Moor's summit

The ridge down to Keldas from Birkhouse Moor

Looking down on Glenridding and Ullswater as we descend to Lanty's Tarn

Lanty's Tarn

Grisedale with Saint Sunday Crag on the left, Dollywaggon Pike ahead and Nethermost Pike right

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