Around Gable and Over Kirk

Sat 21 Jul 2007

Route: Wasdale Head - Gavel Neese - Little Hell Gate - Great Napes - Great Hell Gate - Kern Knotts - Sty Head - Styhead Tarn - Aaron Slack - Windy Gap - Beck Head - Black Sail Pass - Kirk Fell - Kirkfell Tarn - Kirk Fell (East Top) - Beckhead Tarn - Beck Head - Gavel Neese - Wasdale Head

Distance: 9.00 miles

Ascent: 4,100ft

Time: 7 hours 30 minutes

With: Andy Wallace


Overcast with the cloud touching the tops. Light rain showers but mostly dry.

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Great Gable from near St Olaf's Church, Wasdale Head

Looking up Gavel Neese to Great Gable

Wasdale Head from Gavel Neese

White Napes directly above and Great Napes to the right

Looking down Gavel Neese from just above Moses' Finger

Wasdale Head and Wastwater

Heading up towards the Great Napes

Crossing Little Hell Gate

Looking up Little Hell Gate

Looking up to Napes Needle

Heading along the south traverse, Great Gable

On the south traverse with the Sphinx Rock (also called the Cat Rock) on the skyline

Wasdale Head and Yewbarrow from the south traverse on Great Gable

Looking up Great Hell Gate

Looking ahead to Kern Knotts with Skew Gill, Great End beyond

The south traverse, Great Gable

Below High Kern Knotts

Lingmell from the mountain rescue stretcher box at Sty Head

Great End from Styhead Tarn

Heading up Aaron Slack

Looking down Aaron Slack to Styhead Tarn

Windy Gap and the top section of Aaron Slack

Aaron Slack from just above Windy Gap

Ennerdale from Windy Gap

Descending into Stone Cove from Windy Gap

Green Gable and the path we used to descend from Windy Gap

Looking across Beck Head to Kirk Fell

Green Gable, Windy Gap, Great Gable and Beck Head as we traverse round to Black Sail Pass

Pillar from near Boat How

Looking across Ennerdale to High Crag, Scarth Gap and Haystacks

Kirkfell Crags from Black Sail Pass

Looking back down on Black Sail Pass as we head up Kirk Fell

Burnmoor Tarn, Illgill Head and Wast Water from Kirk Fell's summit

Great Gable from Kirk Fell

The Scafells from Kirkfell Tarn

Descending to Beck Head from Kirk Fell

Heading back down to Wasdale Head from Beck Head

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