Sheffield Pike and Hart Side

Sat 21 Apr 2007

Route: Glenridding village - Glenridding Dodd - Heron Pike - Sheffield Pike - Nick Head - Glencoyne Head - Hart Side - Birkett Fell - Glencoyne - Greenside Mine - Glenridding (Greenside Road) - Glenridding village

Distance: 8.00 miles

Ascent: 2,800ft

Time: 6 hours

With: Anne and Ann & Roger Hiley


Mild, haze/low cloud limiting the long distance views, very strong wind for most of the walk

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The Ranger Service Hut/Garage at Glenridding

The Ranger Service hut at Glenridding, in memory of Captain Robert Ives (RIASC)

Climbing above Rake Cottages

Looking up Glenridding to Raise from above Blaes Crag

Heron Pike from Glenridding Dodd's summit

Looking down on the village of Glenridding and the head of Ullswater from Glenridding Dodd

Mossdale with Ullswater beyond

A boundary stone on the way up Sheffield Pike's south-east ridge - 'H' for the Howard estate of Greystoke

Ullswater from Sheffield Pike's south-east ridge

Looking back down on Glenridding Dodd from Heron Pike

Boundary post at Heron Pike's summit, 'M' for the Marshall estate of Patterdale

Heading for Sheffield Pike's summit from Heron Pike, its subsidiary top

Heading for Nick Head with Sticks Pass on the left and Green Side ahead

Green Side (l) and Hart Side (r) from near Nick Head

The top most collapsed lead mine gallery above Nick Head

The path passes close to the edge of the collapsed lead mine galleries

Glencoyne Head with Hart Side in the distance on the right

Stybarrow Dodd from the prospectors' trial trench on Hart Side's summit

Heading down towards Glencoyne by the wall below Birkett Fell

Looking back along the balcony path, an old miners route round the head of Glencoyne

Glencoyne with Sheffield Pike on the right from the balcony path

Heading along the path towards Nick Head

Glencoyne, a classic U shaped valley

The middle collapsed lead mine gallery above Nick Head

The middle collapsed lead mine gallery above Nick Head

Looking up at the galleries, our ascent route had been from Nick Head (off photo right) up the skyline

Walking through the remains of the Greenside workings

Another photo of the upper workings of the Greenside Mine

Looking down on the lower part of the Greenside Mine

Holiday cottage to let

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