Rough Crag and Blea Water

Sat 13 Aug 2005

Route: Mardale Head - Haweswater - Rough Crag - Caspel Gate Tarn - Blea Water - Mardale Head

Distance: 3.50 miles

Ascent: 1,350ft

Time: 2 hours 15 minutes

With: On Own


Sunshine and a short rain shower. Windy on the ridge

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Looking across Haweswater to Riggindale

The Rigg

Mardale Head with a low Haweswater

Old road, Mardale Green

Harter Fell from Haweswater Reservoir

Haweswater from the ascent of Rough Crag

Looking down on the head of Haweswater with the old walls out of the water

Nan Beild Pass (with Small Water just visible) and Mardale Ill Bell (with Blea Water below)

Haweswater rainbow

Looking across Riggindale to Kidsty Pike

Blea Water from Rough Crag

Haweswater with the North Pennines in the distance

High Street from Rough Crag's summit

Harter Fell from the descent to Blea Water

Selside Pike, Branstree, Harter Fell and Mardale Ill Bell

Blea Water

Gatescarth Pass and Harter Fell

Harter Fell, Wood Howe, The Rigg and Rough Crag

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