Stainton Pike and Yoadcastle

Fri 30 Apr 2004

Route: Waberthwaite - Rowantree Force - Holehouse Tarn - Stainton Pike - Yoadcastle - White Pike - The Knott - The City of Barnscar - Dyke Farm - Waberthwaite

Distance: 8.25 miles

Ascent: 1,800ft

Time: 3 hours 30 minutes

With: On Own


Sunshine, blue sky.

I extended A. Wainwright's 'Stainton Pike' walk in his book 'The Outlying Fells of Lakeland' [page 150] by adding Yoadcastle and White Pike. 

Today I completed my round of the 244 fells in the Fell and Rock Climbing Club's book 'The Lakeland Fells' by ascending Stainton Pike.


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Looking north to the fell and tower above Dyke from the start of the walk

Looking west to the mouth of the River Esk and the sea

Stainton Pike from the remains of an ancient 'homestead'

Rowantree Force

Stainton Pike and Holehouse Tarn

The fells of Upper Eskdale from Holehouse Tarn

Stainton Pike summit

360 Panorama from Stainton Pike's summit

Looking over Yoadcastle to Scafell from Stainton Pike's summit

Yoadcastle and Hesk Fell with the Eskdale and Coniston Fells beyond from Stainton Pike's summit

Hesk Fell with the Coniston Fells behind left and Caw behind right

Looking back to Stainton Pike from the ascent of Yoadcastle

The Coniston Fells from Yoadcastle's summit

360 Panorama from Yoadcastle's summit

White Pike with Sellafield beyond

White Pike's summit cairn

Devoke Water and the high fells from White Pike

Looking down on The Knott from White Pike

The remains of 'The City of Barnscar', thought to have been a Danish settlement

The remains of 'The City of Barnscar', thought to have been a Danish settlement

The view west to the sea from above Dyke

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