Grasmoor Fells

Sun 5 May 2002

Route: Lanthwaite Green - Whin Ben - Whiteside - Hopegill Head - Sand Hill - Coledale Hause - Grasmoor - Eel Crag (Crag Hill) - Wandope - Thirdgill Head Man - Whiteless Edge - Saddle Gate - Whiteless Pike - Whiteless Breast - Squat Beck - Rannerdale Bridge - Cinderdale Common - road - Lanthwaite Green

Distance: 11.00 miles

Ascent: 3,690ft

Time: 5 hours 15 minutes

With: Anne


Shorts and Tee shirt weather, sunshine, blue sky and light winds.

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Whiteside and Whin Ben from Lanthwaite Green

Mellbreak and Crummock Water from the climb up Whin Ben

Panorama across the Loweswater fells from above Whin Ben

The ridge to Hopegill Head from Whiteside summit

360 Panorama from Whiteside summit

360 Panorama from Hopegill Head summit

Eel Crag (Crag Hill) and Coledale Hause from Sand Hill

Grisedale Pike, Skiddaw and Blencathra from the climb up Grasmoor for Coledale Hause

Panorama from Grasmoor summit

Looking down on Whiteless Pike with the Scafells and Pillar in the far distance from Grasmoor summit

Panorama from the east end of Grasmoor summit plateau

Grisedale Pike and Skiddaw from Eel Crag (Crag Hill) summit

Eel Crag (Crag Hill) to Wandope panorama from above Addacomb Hole

Looking east to the Helvellyn range from Wandope summit

360 Panorama from Wandope summit

Panorama from Thirdgill Head Man

Thirdgill Head Man and Wandope from Whiteless Pike summit

Panorama from Whiteless Pike summit

Crummock Water and Loweswater from Whiteless Pike

Causey Pike seen through the gap between Sail and Ard Crags from Whiteless Pike

Robinson and Newlands Hause from Whiteless Pike

Rannerdale Knotts

Bluebells in Rannerdale

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