Disclaimer and Small Print

This website started life in 2001 as my walking log and has developed into a database of walks and fells in the English Lake District and North Pennines with a lot of photographs to give you an idea of what the Lakes and North Pennines are like. The description, with or without a map, of a route on this website is not meant to signify a right of way. We are lucky that there are few restrictions placed on access to the high fells, BUT all land is owned by someone and if in any doubt permission should be sort from the landowner first. The time taken values are how long it took me on that day given my mood, who I was with and the weather conditions. If you choose to follow one of my routes it may take you more or less time than it took me.

Walking the higher fells can be dangerous especially for the inexperienced or in bad weather. It is the walker's own responsibility to be properly prepared and kitted out. Walkers should always carry a map and compass when on the fells and know how to use them.

Whilst the author has taken great care to ensure that the information on this website is accurate he accepts no liability for injury, loss or damages incurred by those using said information.

A word of warning for GPS users! I don't use one. The distances and height gains I quote are a combination of information I have measured on a map and numbers used in the large collection of guidebooks I own. If you follow one of my walks and measure the distance and climb on your GPS it may show that you have walked further and climbed higher than me. This is because measuring information on a map can never take into account all the little zig-zags, minor detours to look at the views and the ups and downs when the map suggests it is flat that are walked in reality.

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