Tarn Listings - Western Fells

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Number of Tarns: 13

Name Name Sort Grid Ref Ascents
Beckhead Tarn Beckhead Tarn NY205106 5
Blackbeck Tarn Blackbeck Tarn NY202128 17
Bleaberry Tarn Bleaberry Tarn NY165154 3
Cogra Moss Cogra Moss NY095195 2
Floutern Tarn Floutern Tarn NY124170 1
Gillercomb Head Tarns Gillercomb Head Tarns NY215115 12
Greendale Tarn Greendale Tarn NY147075 3
Grey Knotts Tarns Grey Knotts Tarns NY218124 9
High Nook Tarn High Nook Tarn NY124199 1
Innominate Tarn Innominate Tarn NY198129 17
Kirkfell Tarn Kirkfell Tarn NY197106 4
Low Tarn Low Tarn NY161093 1
Scoat Tarn Scoat Tarn NY159103 1

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