Tarn Listings - Lower Southern Fells

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Number of Tarns: 11

Name Name Sort Grid Ref Ascents
Arnsbarrow Tarn Arnsbarrow Tarn SD310917 1
Beacon Tarn Beacon Tarn SD274900 1
High Dam High Dam SD361887 1
High Moss Tarn High Moss Tarn SD375980 2
Lily Pond Lily Pond SD367983 2
Low Dam Low Dam SD363885 1
Moss Eccles Tarn Moss Eccles Tarn SD372968 2
Scale Head Tarn Scale Head Tarn SD373975 1
School Knott Tarn School Knott Tarn SD428972 1
Three Dubs Tarn Three Dubs Tarn SD377974 1
Wise Een Tarn Wise Een Tarn SD370975 2

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