The Nab from Hartsop

Sat 3 Jan 2009

Route: Hartsop - Brock Crags - Satura Crag - Yewgrove Gill - The Nab - Rest Dodd - Hayeswater - Filter House - Hartsop

Distance: 6.75 miles

Ascent: 2,550ft

Time: 4 hours 5 minutes

With: David Hall


Overcast, a cold wind at times

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Pasture Bottom leading up to Threshthwaite Mouth

Brothers Water and Hartsop Above How from our ascent of Brock Crags

Gray Crag with Hayeswater on the left

Looking across to Brock Crags summit with St Sunday Crag, Helvellyn and Catstycam in the distance

Brock Crags summit, easier to reach when the ground is frozen

Brothers Water and Hartsop Above How with Little Hart Crag, Dove Crag, Hart Crag and Fairfield on the skyline

A frozen Angle Tarn

Looking towards Rest Dodd from Satura Crag

The Nab

Icicles, Yewgrove Gill

Rather than take the normal route across to The Nab we descended the ridge behind David, crossed Yewgrove Gill and headed up round the frozen hags

Rampsgill Head and Rest Dodd from The Nab's summit

David sets off for Rest Dodd

Looking back to The Nab, the peat hags are well frozen

Looking back to The Nab from the steep ascent of Rest Dodd

Rampsgill Head from Rest Dodd

High Raise and Rampsgill Head from Rest Dodd's summit cairn

Thornthwaite Crag and Gray Crag with Hayeswater below

Hart Crag, Fairfield, Great Gable in the distance, St Sunday Crag, Helvellyn and Catstycam

Just follow the wall if you are heading for The Knott from Rest Dodd

A frozen Hayeswater

Even the biggest rocks failed to break through the ice

Hayeswater Gill

Rather than follow the main track back to Hartsop we look the minor path to the filter house

Looking back up the Filter House track by Hayeswater Gill with The Knott in the distance

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