Seathwaite Tarn, Dow Crag and Walna Scar

Sat 2 Aug 2008

Route: Walna Scar Road, fell gate (Seathwaite) - Seathwaite Tarn - Far Gill - Goat's Hawse - Dow Crag - Buck Pike - Brown Pike - Walna Scar - White Maiden - White Pike - Walna Scar slate quarry - Walna Scar Road - fell gate

Distance: 7.00 miles

Ascent: 2,200ft

Time: 6 hours

With: Richard, David, John, Ann and Roger


Sunny intervals, less cloud than expected, no rain

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Heading up the track to Seathwaite Tarn

Harter Fell with some cloud on top

White Pike (to be our last top of the day) on the left and Caw on the right from the track to Seathwaite Tarn

Approaching Seathwaite Tarn dam

Seathwaite Tarn dam

Seathwaite Tarn, there is some repair work being done on the dam and the water level has been lowered

Seathwaite Tarn dam with scaffolding

Low water levels at Seathwaite Tarn

Seathwaite Tarn with Grey Friar beyond

Harter Fell seen over Seathwaite Tarn dam

On the traversing path above Seathwaite Tarn

Crossing Near Gill

Heading up by Far Gill

Tarn Head Beck from our ascent by Far Gill to Goat's Hawse

Goat's Water and Dow Crag

Dow Crag

Looking back down on Goat's Hawse

Goat's Water from our ascent of Dow Crag from Goat's Hawse

Looking towards Dow Crag's summit rocks

Green Crag and Harter Fell from Dow Crag

Clambering up to Dow Crag's summit

A panorama of the Coniston Fells from Dow Crag's summit

Goat's Water far below from Dow Crag's summit

The ridge to Buck Pike and on to Walna Scar and White Pike from Dow Crag's summit

Dow Crag, note the blue stretcher box at the bottom

Looking back to Dow Crag from Buck Pike's summit

Blind Tarn

Walna Scar Pass, Walna Scar, White Maiden and White Pike with Caw in shadow beyond from Brown Pike

Harter Fell from Walna Scar Pass

Looking back (left to right) to Dow Crag (in cloud), Buck Pike and Brown Pike from Walna Scar's summit

Buck Pike, Brown Pike and Walna Scar from the small tarn near White Maiden's summit

Looking towards White Pike from White Maiden's summit cairn

Looking towards the head of Coniston Water from White Maiden

Looking back to White Maiden as we head for White Pike

Heading for White Pike

Broughton Moor Quarry (slate)

White Pike's summit

Descending to Walna Scar slate quarry

Walna Scar slate quarry

Walna Scar slate quarry

Walna Scar slate quarry

Walna Scar slate quarry

Harter Fell from some of the old buildings at Walna Scar slate quarry

Stone arched bridge, Walna Scar slate quarry

The lower workings, Walna Scar slate quarry

The Walna Scar Road down to Seathwaite

The end of the tarmac. We started our walk by crossing the bridge and heading left and returned down the Walna Scar Road on the right

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