Great End and Seathwaite Fell

Fri 25 Jul 2008

Route: Seathwaite, Borrowdale - Taylorgill Force - Styhead Tarn - Sty Head - Corridor Route - Lambfoot Dub - Great End - Calf Cove - Esk Hause - Sprinkling Tarn - Seathwaite Fell - Stockley Bridge - Seathwaite

Distance: 8.00 miles

Ascent: 2,900ft

Time: 5 hours 5 minutes

With: On own


A bit hazy, lots of sunshine, a stiff breeze on the tops.

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Seathwaite Fell from Seathwaite

Instead of taking the main track to Sty Head via Stockley Bridge I took the less used route via Taylorgill Force

The firsts short scramble up to the gate. Taylorgill Force comes into view.

The second short scrambling section

Taylorgill Force

Looking back along my route

Looking down Styhead Gill

The main path to Sty Head from Borrowdale is on the left and crossed Styhead Gill at the bridge in the centre of the photo

Great End from beside Styhead Gill

Styhead Tarn

Lingmell from the Stretcher Box at Sty Head

The Corridor Route crossing the bottom of Skew Gill

Looking down towards Wasdale Head

Skew Gill

Sty Head from the Corridor Route

Great Gable

Lambfoot Dub

Looking across to Lingmell from near Lambfoot Dub with the Corridor Route below

Looking back to Lambfoot Dub with Great Gable behind

Zooming in on Lambfoot Dub

Broad Crag

Round How with Lingmell behind from my route up on to Great End

Great End's northwest top

A birds eye view of Sprinkling Tarn

Seathwaite Fell and Sprinkling Tarn

Seathwaite Fell, Sprinkling Tarn and Glaramara

Looking over Seathwaite Fell to the north western fells

Great End's south eastern (and main) summit

Ill Crag on the left, Broad Crag with Scafell Pike behind on the right from Great End's summit

Calf Cove and Esk Pike

Iron ring in Calf Cove, used to tether ponies, visitors continued to Scafell Pike's summit on foot from here

The 'Borrowdale path' from Esk Hause

Central Gully, Great End

Straight on for Sty Head via Sprinkling Tarn, right for Seathwaite via Grains Gill

Sprinkling Tarn from its outflow, the high point right is Allen Crags

Sprinkling Tarn and Great End from the 631m spot height on Seathwaite Fell (a Nuttall)

Sprinkling Crag Tarn also called Great Slack Tarn

Looking towards Seathwaite Fell's main top at 632m

This distinctively shaped tarn is really useful for finding Seathwaite Fell's summit in poor weather

Sty Head

Seathwaite Fell's main summit at 632m (a Nuttall and Birkett), Wainwright's top at 601m can be seen in the near distance at the north end of the fell

Heading to Wainwright's top on Seathwaite Fell

Base Brown from Wainwright's Seathwaite Fell top

Borrowdale from Seathwaite Fell

At the top of the steep descent off Seathwaite Fell to join the Sty Head to Stockley Bridge path

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