The Old Crown Round

Sat 24 May 2008

Route: Hesket Newmarket - Carrock Beck Ford - Carrock Fell - Grainsgill Beck Bridge, Mosedale - Bowscale Fell - Blencathra - Mungrisdale Common - The Stake - Skiddaw House - Sale How - Skiddaw - Bakestall - Dash Beck - Brockle Crag - Great Cockup - Longlands - Green Head - Fell Side - Nether Row - Hesket Newmarket

Distance: 25.75 miles

Ascent: 7,355ft

Time: 11 hours

With: David Hall


Very windy, especially on the summit of Skiddaw. Overcast to start but cloud breaking up during the day.

The Old Crown Round is a challenge walk/run visiting the tops of Skiddaw, Blencathra, Carrock Fell and Great Cockup (four beers brewed and sold in The Old Crown in Hesket Newmarket). The tops can visited in any order, you must start and finish at the same point and do the round in under 20 hours. You can start at any point, we started from the pub, most people don't, Swineside (Mosedale) is the most popular starting point.


 MilesAscent (ft)Time
Carrock Fell 4.00 1,800 1 hr 25 mins
Blencathra 4.75 2,250 2 hr 25 mins
Skiddaw 5.25 1,800 2 hr 20 mins
Great Cockup 4.00 875 2 hr 00 mins
The Old Crown 7.75 630 2 hr 50 mins
Total 25.75 7,355 11 hr 00 mins

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The Old Crown, Hesket Newmarket

Carrock Fell from the road ford across Carrock Beck

High Pike from the ascent of Carrock Fell

Carrock Fell summit with Blencathra beyond Bowscale Fell

The valley of the River Caldew, the pointed peak in the distance is Skiddaw Little Man

Crossing the River Caldew

Climbing out of Mosedale onto Bowscale Fell

Blencathra from Bowscale Fell's summit

Our line of ascent onto Atkinson Pike (Blencathra)

Just about to climb up Blue Screes

The view south from Blencathra's summit

Gategill Fell Top with Derwent Water and the north western fells beyond lost in the haze / cloud

Approaching Mungrisdale Common's summit

Blencathra from Mungrisdale Common

Skiddaw from Mungrisdale Common's summit

Cloven Stone

Sale How with Skiddaw Little Man and Skiddaw behind

The Stake

Ascending above Sale How. Carrock Fell is the fell in the far distance (left) and Blencathra is on the far right

On the superhighway up Skiddaw

Long Side and Ullock Pike, its really windy up here!

Skiddaw's summit ridge, a popular place today, we only saw about a dozen other people in total on the rest of the walk

Knott and Great Calva from Bakestall's summit

Great Cockup from Bakestall

Descending off Bakestall

The bottom, steep section off Bakestall

Looking back up our descent route off Bakestall

Brockle Crag with Binsey in the distance

Whitewater Dash (left), Bakestall and Skiddaw from the side of Brockle Crag

Binsey and Over Water from Great Cockup

Nearly at Great Cockup's summit

Meal Fell with Little Sca Fell and Great Sca Fell behind from Great Cockup's summit

Longlands Fell and Lowthwaite Fell from Great Cockup


Looking back to Great Cockup as we head for Longlands


The track to Green Head from Longlands

Charleton Wath (ford)

The track into Green Head

Between Fell Side and Nether Row

Little Fellside

Looking towards Caldbeck

Street Head, only half a mile to go...

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