Honister Crag Via Ferrata

Sun 15 Jul 2007

Route: Honister Pass - via ferrata - Black Star - Fleetwith Pike - Honister Pass

Distance: 3.00 miles

Ascent: 1,100ft

Time: 2 hours

With: Simon our guide and 10 others including Anne and David & Jennifer Hall


 Warm, broken cloud building.

Honister Slate Mine has recently opened a via ferrata up Honister Crag following the route taken by the old mine workers. To find out more about 'The Edge' visit http://www.honister-slate-mine.co.uk

From the Honister Slate Mine website:

'Ferrata is Italian for 'Iron Way' and the system has been used in the Alps for more than a century. During World War One, they were used to ferry troups and equipment over mountainous terrain.

Honister's Via Ferrata is an adventure climbing system that uses a permanently fixed cable for safety and protection up the rock face of the old miners' route. You are attached to this system by a harness provided by Honister. Full safety instructions are provided and initially all tours will be guided.'


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The Visitor Centre at Honister Slate Mine at the top of Honister Pass

Honister Crag from Honister Pass

Kitted out and heading along one of the mine roads

Honister Crag, we are going up there!

In Honister Slate Mine

Back out in the open and heading up to the start of the via ferrata

Looking back to the mine entrance we have just come out of (far right). We had entered the mine from the road on the left (high above the digger)

Heading up an incline to get to the start of the via ferrata

Looking down on Gatesgarthdale Beck and the Honister Pass road

Another view back towards the top of Honister Pass

The via ferrata starts here going over a bridge (out of shot left) and up the incline in front

A short ladder to get things started

...and then a bridge made out of old railway tracks

No breaking you in gently, this scramble section straight after the bridge was in fact the hardest part of the whole route

Looking back down the short scramble

Heading up the incline

Honister Crag via ferrata

Carrying on up

Ascending the incline

Looking back down the incline

The top of the incline, at this point we headed underground again

Another shot before we head underground

Looking out the mine entrance

Ascending the underground incline, Anne with our guide Simon

Light at the end of the tunnel

Looking down!

Nearing the top of the via ferrata, we had come out of the tunnel on the right

Looking back down the top section of our route

You have been warned! No heading down the via ferrata then!

View from the top of the via ferrata near Black Star summit

The Buttermere valley from Black Star's summit

Great Gable and Kirk Fell with Scafell inbetween, above Beck Head, from Fleetwith Pike

Buttermere from Fleetwith Pike's summit

Haystacks, Seat and High Crag with Pillar behind from Fleetwith Pike's summit

Heading back to Honister Pass with Black Star ahead

Heading down the mine road to Honister Pass

The mine road down to Honister Pass

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