Windermere to Patterdale

Sat 14 Apr 2007

Route: Windermere Railway Station - Orrest Head - Dubbs Reservoir - Dubbs Road - Garburn Road - Garburn Pass - Yoke - Ill Bell - Froswick - Thornthwaite Crag - High Street - Straits of Riggindale - The Knott - Satura Crag - Angle Tarn - Angletarn Pikes - Boredale Hause - Patterdale

Distance: 15.00 miles

Ascent: 3,850ft

Time: 7 hours

With: Anne


Day one of the Wainwright Memorial Walk.

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Outside Windermere Railway Station

Orrest Head signpost

Orrest Head summit, hazy views today

Leaving Orrest Head for The Causeway Farm

Crossing the fields between Near Orrest and the Moorhowe Road

Dubbs Road with Applethwaite Common (Sour Howes) ahead

Dubbs Reservoir

Further along Dubbs Road

Troutbeck valley and Troutbeck Tongue with the Ill Bell ridge on the right from the Garburn Road

Nearly at the summit of Garburn Pass with Yoke ahead

Looking back along our line of ascent as we head for Yoke's summit

The new path to Yoke's summit

Ill Bell from Yoke's summit

Looking over Kentmere Reservoir to Nan Bield Pass and Harter Fell

Looking back to Yoke from our ascent of Ill Bell

Froswick with Thornthwaite Crag and High Street behind from Ill Bell's summit

Kentmere Pike seen across Kentmere Reservoir

Thornthwaite Crag from Froswick's summit

Troutbeck Tougue and Wansfell with Windermere in the distance from Froswick

The new path up Thornthwaite Crag from its col with Froswick

Kentmere Reservoir and the Ill Bell ridge from our ascent of Thornthwaite Crag

Thornthwaite Beacon

Hayeswater with Gray Crag on the left and Rest Dodd, The Knott, Rampsgill Head and slopes of High Street on the right

Straits of Riggindale

Riggindale leading to Haweswater with Rough Crag on the right from Short Stile

Heading for The Knott

Rest Dodd and The Nab from The Knott's summit

Looking back to The Knott, High Street and Hayeswater from the path to Satura Crag

Bannerdale with Beda Fell on the left and The Nab on the right

Angle Tarn from the summit of the southern pike of Angletarn Pikes

The southern pike from the northern and higher pike of Angletarn Pikes

Place Fell fron the path to Boredale Hause

Descending to Patterdale from Boredale Hause, the end is in sight!

The view to the south - Hartsop Dodd, Caudale Moor, Red Screes and Hartsop Above How surrounding Brothers Water

The White Lion, Patterdale

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