Grains Gill Horseshoe

Sun 26 Nov 2006

Route: Seathwaite, Borrowdale - Hind Gill path - Glaramara - High House Tarn - Allen Crags - Lower Esk Hause - Sprinkling Tarn - Seathwaite Fell - Stockley Bridge - Seathwaite

Distance: 6.50 miles

Ascent: 2,850ft

Time: 5 hours

With: David Hall


Rain clearing, overcast with the odd sunny interval.

If you are collecting tops Seathwaite Fell has three. Wainwright selected the top above Aaron Crags with its great views north down Borrowdale at NY 229102 (601m / 1,870ft). This is not however the highest point on the fell. The Nuttalls have two summits, the north top at NY 227097 being the highest at 632m (2,073ft) with a south top at NY 227094 being 1m lower at 631m (2,070ft). Bill Birkett has two tops, naming Wainwright's top as Seathwaite Fell and the 632m top as Great Slack - Seathwaite Fell. Mark Richards (Lakeland Fellranger) refers to Wainwright's top but also selects the 632m point as the summit (based on the map and summit photo in the guide even if a height of 631m is quoted!).

Needless to say we visited all three tops, some would view us as being sad!


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Looking back down on Seathwaite from our ascent by Hind Gill

Zooming in on Castle Crag

Seathwaite, Borrowdale

Glaramara's summit, no view today

Looking across Grains Gill to Sprinkling Tarn and Seathwaite Fell

The Langdale Pikes from the ridge to Allen Crags from Glaramara

High House Tarn

The top of Sergeant's Crag and Ullscarf catching the sun

Looking back towards Glaramara from Allen Crags

Great End from Allen Crags

The path from Lower Esk Hause towards Sprinkling Tarn

Sprinkling Tarn. The high point on the skyline is Glaramara

Sprinkling Tarn and Great End

Wasdale Head and Yewbarrow from Seathwaite Fell

The view north from Seathwaite Fell's summit

The cairn at the 601m top of Seathwaite Fell with Base Brown behind

Borrowdale from the descent off Seathwaite Fell

Under Stockley Bridge

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