Greenhead Gill Round

Tue 30 Dec 2003

Route: Grasmere Village - Stone Arthur - Great Rigg - Heron Pike North Top (Erne Crag) - Heron Pike - Alcock Tarn - Grasmere Village

Distance: 5.75 miles

Ascent: 2,480ft

Time: 3 hours 10 minutes

With: On Own


Hazy sunshine and high cloud

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The Swan Hotel, Grasmere and Stone Arthur

Helm Crag

Mist in the Grasmere valley

The Langdale Pikes, High Raise and Helm Crag from the ascent of Stone Arthur

Seat Sandal's south west ridge, Steel Fell and the northwestern fells in the far distance

Looking back down the ridge to Stone Arthur with the Coniston and Langdale Fells in the distance

The final section of the ascent to Great Rigg's summit

Windermere from Great Rigg's summit cairn

Dollywaggon Pike

The view west from Great Rigg's summit

Zooming in on Great Gable, Scoat Fell and Pillar

The ridge to Heron Pike. Lots of people walking the Fairfield horseshoe today

Great Rigg, Fairfield and Hart Crag

Looking down on Alcock Tarn and Grasmere from the descent off Heron Pike

A frozen Alcock Tarn

Greenhead Gill leading to Great Rigg

Helm Crag and Steel Fell from the descent back to Grasmere

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