Tarn Listings - Southern Fells

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Number of Tarns: 14

Name Name Sort Grid Ref Ascents
Blind Tarn (Coniston) Blind Tarn (Coniston) SD262967 2
Boo Tarn Boo Tarn SD282968 6
Devoke Water Devoke Water SD159970 3
Goat's Water Goat's Water SD266977 6
Greenburn Reservoir Greenburn Reservoir NY284021 1
Holehouse Tarn Holehouse Tarn SD155940 2
Holme Ground Tarns Holme Ground Tarns NY316011 6
Levers Water Levers Water SD279993 7
Low Birker Tarn Low Birker Tarn SD190995 3
Low Water Low Water SD275983 10
Seathwaite Tarn Seathwaite Tarn SD253987 3
Stickle Tarn (Dunnerdale) Stickle Tarn (Dunnerdale) SD213928 1
Tarn Hows Tarn Hows SD328999 18
Yew Tree Tarn Yew Tree Tarn NY321004 3

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