Combe Gill Round

Thu 1 May 2008

Route: Stonethwaite - Big Stanger Gill - Rosthwaite Fell - Bessyboot top - Tarn at Leaves - Rosthwaite Cam - Rosthwaite Fell - Dovenest Crag top - Combe Door Top - Combe Head - Thornythwaite Fell - Stands Bridge, Seatoller - St Andrew's church, Borrowdale - Stonethwaite

Distance: 6.00 miles

Ascent: 2,400ft

Time: 3 hours 30 minutes

With: David Hall and David Mould


Overcast evening but some sunshine on the distance fells. We started walking at 17:15 and finished at 20:45

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Looking towards Greenup Gill from outside of Stonethwaite

Looking back down the path through the woods next to Big Stanger Gill

The path up by Big Stanger Gill, steeper than it looks in this photo

Ascending by Big Stanger Gill

Big Stanger Gill with Stonethwaite far below

Big Stanger Gill

Looking across to Low Saddle, High Saddle and Ullscarf from by Big Stanger Gill

Fleetwith Pike with High Crag and High Stile behind, Dale Head on the right

Bessyboot summit with the pointed top of Pike o'Stickle in the distance

Looking over Tarn at Leaves to the higher southern part of Rosthwaite Fell with Combe Head behind right from Bessyboot's summit

Southern panorama from Bessyboot's summit

Looking back to Bessyboot with Skiddaw and Blencathra in the distance from Rosthwaite Cam

The twin tops of Rosthwaite Fell - Dovenest Crag top (called Stonethwaite Fell by Bill Birkett) with Combe Door Top on the right from Rosthwaite Cam

Descending off Rosthwaite Cam

Looking back to Rosthwaite Cam with Derwent Water and Skiddaw in the distance from our ascent of Combe Door Top

Rosthwaite Fell - Dovenest Crag top, the west top (and higher?) from the east with Combe Head beyond

Rosthwaite Fell - Dovenest Crag top, the east top with Ullscarf behind from the west top

Combe Head from Rosthwaite Fell - Dovenest Crag western top

The view north as we head for Combe Door Top

Combe Head from Combe Door Top's summit

Combe Door

Ascending Combe Head with the Langdale Pikes behind

Combe Gill from Combe Head, Thornythwaite Fell on the left (our descent route) and Rosthwaite Fell on the right

Glaramara from Combe Head

Combe Head summit

Looking back to Combe Head as we head down to Thornythwaite Fell

The Dodds get some sunshine, Blencathra in shadow on the left

Skiddaw and Blencathra

Rosthwaite Cam on the left and Rosthwaite Fell - Dovenest Crag Top on the right

The view north as we head down Thornythwaite Fell

Mountain View cottages

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